Suicide Squad is not off to a great start. The antihero film focusing on Task Force X has not been the recipient of great reviews. Currently holding a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it looks like the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is continuing the trend from Batman v Superman and is outputting a product that many do not like. Most of the reviews have been mixed-to-negative for what was hoping to save a pretty bland summer blockbuster season. However, all is not lost of the anticipated film.

It looks like Suicide Squad is going to be critic-proof. The film opened Thursday night and has already made $20 million, so there’s hope that the film will still be a high seller. The previous record holder for an August release was Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy which made $11.2 million on their opening Thursday. In seven international markets, Suicide Squad earned an additional $8.1 million opening night as well. The film is still going to be on track to gain $125 million this weekend, and an additional $100 million overseas in 57 markets. If the film follows Batman v Superman, which also had high ticket sales despite mixed-to-negative reviews, the film could also track to gain upwards of $870 million worldwide and perhaps even surpass the previous film.

Source: Screen Rant

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