While Suicide Squad did have a record-breaking weekend bringing in $135 million at the box office, many fans and critics aren’t exactly happy with the final product of David Ayer‘s hard work. Jared Leto‘s Joker did seem dark within the PG-13 bounds of the film’s ratings, but some fans wanted the movie to go the Full “R” Monty like Deadpool. Since we didn’t get that, and any potential sequel from Warner Bros. will most likely follow the PG-13 rating. If you’re hankering for a darker Joker, look no further than the recently released fan film The Laughing Man.jaredletojoker_photo

The Laughing Man is the work of Julio and Diego Hallivis, a pair of talented brothers who talked with No Film School about the project:

We wanted to tell a story that centered on the Joker without Batman showing up to save the day. A story that didn’t need to be PG-13 for commercial reasons—where the protagonist isn’t necessarily a hero. We wanted to tell a story about the Joker after watching Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Nightcrawler, a raw crazy psychopath. We knew we had to push it and do something very gory, something studios won’t do.

This is a well polished fan film, the acting, staging, and effects are on par with any Hollywood production. Now you won’t hear the name Joker, or Harley in this for obvious legal reasons, but we all know who they are.


If that little short didn’t give you shivers then what will? The tone is dark, darker than we’ve ever seen except on the comic book page. In fact, this seems more Horror movie than Comic Book movie, even the “R” rated comic book movies didn’t evoke such horror.

Let’s hope they decide to do more.

Via: No Film School

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