The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is starting to kick into high gear.  Already three movies in the can, the cinematic universe is now kicking into overdrive.  With the just released Suicide Squad making record-breaking numbers, and both Wonder Woman and Justice League coming next year, Warner Bros is now looking forward to the solo adventures of a few of their Justice League members, including Aquaman.  The 2018 film will be directed by James Wan and star Jason Momoa.  While little is known about the actual plot of the film, we now know who Arthur Curry will face off against.

Black Manta

Aquaman’s foe in his first solo film will be one of his greatest antagonist from the comic, Black Manta. Black Manta has been a villain in Aquaman comics since 1967. He has gone through a few different versions through the years, from the tormented Arkham Asylum patient who gained superpowers as a result of experimentation, to the New 52 reboot where he did not have any powers, but a battle suit adapted for the ocean environment. He has always remained one of Aquaman’s primary antagonists. His character did spend some time in the Belle Reve prison, and as a result, he has been involved in the Suicide Squad, which could be an interesting tie into the recent film. At one point, there were rumors that rapper/actor Common would play Black manta, but that rumor has been proven wrong with this brief cameo in Suicide Squad. So far no actor has been confirmed for the role and Warner Bros. has no comment.

Aquaman vs Black Manta


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