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It’s without a doubt that Kevin Smith directed one of, if not, the best episode of the entire Flash series on The CW. Titled, The Runaway Dinosaur, it was the episode where Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was trapped within the Speedforce, and, in order to escape it, he had to convince it and himself that he had finally come to terms with the death of his mother. It was an emotional roller coaster and caused tears to flow down the face of the show’s fans. It’s been known for some time that Smith would be back to direct an episode of The Flash, but with the the Television Critics Association meetings have just ended today, Smith was able to announce that he’ll also be directing an episode of Supergirl this season.

Smith made the announcement on his YouTube channel. During the almost 20 minute clip he talked about his feelings on the first season of Supergirl, and like many, he felt that the show got off to a slow start. In fact, he says that it wasn’t until the seventh episode of the season where he thought the series began to fly (no pun intended). He also praised the show on how rich it was with the characters it had chosen to be the villains for Supergirl to face. Smith even talked about the importance of the show for many of the female fans and had a message for those who may have claimed “…that J’onn J’onzz isn’t my J’onn J’onzz” because of how different his origin on the show differed from his origins in the comics by saying that were being “nit picky.”

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Near the end of the clip, Smith revealed the title of the episode he will direct saying it was called, “Supergirl Lives.” He explained how special this was to him considering he was once asked to write a Superman script which he titled, “Superman Lives.” And if you haven’t heard the story about his Superman script, you can check it out here – it’s amazing and worth every minute of your time.

As of right now, there is no other news as to which number episode he will be directing or when it will air. The only information is the title and that it will air this season. In other news, Supergirl and The Flash will come together for a two-part musical crossover. This is in addition to the 4-way crossover that is expected between all the CW/DC Universe shows.

This should come to the surprise of no one since many people have been asking for it. However, the reason for the musical episode may catch some people off guard, and it’s not just because of how popular musical episodes can be. Many of the cast members actually have a musical background. Both Melissa Benoist and Gustin were on the hit Fox series Glee, and both showed off their actual singing skills on the show. Some of you may not know that Jesse L. Martin (Joe West) has been on Broadway and one of the original cast members of the hit musical Rent. Finally, Jeremy Jordon, who plays Winn Schott, on Supergirl is also an accomplished Broadway actor who is best known for his role as Jack in the Broadway version of Newsies.

The announcement for a musical crossover also came turn the TCA’s where the shows’ Exectutive Producer, Greg Berlanti, had this to say,

“So many times, it’s a musical episode off the set. On all of the shows we like to use all of the actors’ talents. [There will] probably be an element of the songs being in the characters’ heads.”

According to the report, the show will use existing songs for the most part, but are also considering writing an original for the leads to sing.

Supergirl and The Flash premiere on Monday and Tuesday in the first week in October 2016.

Sources: Comicbook & Kevin Smith’s YouTube


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