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Actor Michael K Williams has had quite a career. From his humble beginnings, to becoming a dancer in music videos, to now a worldwide known actor, Williams has had quite a resume. With more than 30 films and television roles on his resume, Williams is best known as Omar Little on HBO’s The Wire. Williams also has been on Boardwalk Empire, 12 Years a Slave, and most recently HBO’s The Night Of. He has two TV shows in development and will appear in December’s Assassin’s Creed film He has always strived to be in challenging and complex roles, and now he wants to be in the DC Extended Universe.

With the announcement that Black Manta will be the primary antagonist in the upcoming Aquaman film, now we have to know who will be playing the role of Black Manta. One of his fans took to twitter to express their support of casting him in the role for the upcoming film.

This might actually work!  Williams very much looks the part.  In one of the origins of Black Manta, he was a youth who grew up in Baltimore (there’s our connection to The Wire) who after a terrible run in with Aquaman swore vengeance on the hero. Over the years and different stories, he and Aquaman have tangled throughout the years and this could make for a very interesting rivalry on the big screen.

Black Manta

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