DCTV Adds 80s Gold with Lundgren and Henriksen


Yesterday was the CW‘s day at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, which meant lots and lots of news about all the various shows based on DC Comics characters, what’s sometimes known as the “Arrowverse.” Some of that news, we’ve covered already, but there’s some important casting news that we haven’t reported yet pertaining to two of the CW’s four DCTV shows: Arrow and Legends of TomorrowIt’s major because in the case of the latter it’s about a member of the Justice Society of America; as for the former it pertains to a Russian villain, and there’s only one name you should get for a Russian villain.

“In our flashbacks in Russia, we are going to be bringing in Dolph Lundgren as one of our big bads,” said Arrow executive producer Wendie Mericle. The end of season four set up Oliver Queen’s flashback trip to Russia and his induction into the Russian mob, presumably it will involve getting under, around or over Lundgren who will be doing everything he can to “crush” younger Oliver. Mericle and the other Arrow producers also revealed that this coming season would see the last of the season-long flashback arcs.

In other news, another all-star will appear on Legends of Tomorrow as one of the aforementioned JSA, which was initially introduced in the Legends season one finale in the form of Patrick J. Adams as Hourman. “We have Lance Henriksen, who is going to be appearing for the first time in [episode] 205,” said executive producer Phil Klemmer. Henriksen will be playing the JSA member Obsidian, who, in the comic books, is the son of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott and has the ability to merge with his own shadow, which gives him enhanced strength, flight, and can allow him to make people see their own dark side. Henriksen joins fellow JSA members Sarah Grey as Stargirl, and the yet-to-be cast Doctor Midnite.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow return Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively this October on the CW.

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