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Remember that time Superman died by the hands of Doomsday in the 90s event comic called “The Death of Superman“? Remember  how the only two things to come out of that comic, were the lame Superman death armbands (so that every geek could show solidarity) and how later, Superman would come back to life (like Superman was ever going to stay dead) in the “Reign of Superman” follow-up, thusly and quickly rendering the former comic utterly worthless? Can’t say much about the death armband (though it does make for a “super” bookmark) or the Death of Superman comic, which again is now about as valuable and useful as a roll of toilet paper. However, the return of Superman did bring Superman back in a big bad way. He came back dressed in all in black and a sported a serious mullet. Yes, for a good portion of the 90s, Superman looked like Johnny Cash and WWF’s Razor Ramon, and it was good.

What’s with the trip down Death of Superman memory lane? Well, as you may recall, Zach Snyder shoved the whole Doomsday killeth Superman at the end of Batman V Superman. Much like the “Come on DC, like you have us fooled” doubt that swept the 90’s, do you really think Superman is gonna stay 6 feet under – like he’s not going to make a triumphant return in Justice League? Question is, will he come back the same blue suited boy scout, or will he back “cue the ACDC music* “Back in Black”, like in the comic?

According to Superman himself, Henry Cavill, he just might!

Cavill recently took to Instagram and posted a teased this snippet of the suit:

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Either Cavill is having fun with the black and white filter, or that’s a black suit. You hear that sound? That’s the sound of fanboys everywhere fanning their faces, they’re so verklempt.

In the comics, the black suit was part of Superman’s resurrection – made possible by a Kryptonian “regeneration matrix” – it helped, a significantly weakened Superman, regenerate to normal levels. He would eventually return to wearing the blue, red, and yellow but the mullet stayed, outliving its welcome until Superman married Lois Lane.

Nothing has been confirmed in regards to an official announcement that his suit will be black in Justice League, but this tease from Cavill is certainly tantalizing. Let’s just hope that if he does come back in the black suit, he doesn’t slick has hair to the side and dance his way out of a nightclub with emo jazz hands ala Spider-Man 3.

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