Collector's Lair

One of the most interesting parts of Guardians of the Galaxy was when the heroes made a pit stop in Knowhere. As soon as the audience is taken there, we get our first “Cantina Bar” moment, where we are introduced to all sorts of aliens and their cultures, showing you how vast this world is. Even the location of Knowhere is the head of a dead alien! Once we get through to we meet Gamora’s buyer, The Collector played remarkably well by actor Benicio Del Toro. In his lair, we have yet another Cantina Bar moment as he truly lives up to his name collecting various alien species as artifacts. The Collector’s lair offered a plethora of Easter Eggs for the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Some of those Easter Eggs include Cosmo The Space Dog, Howard The Duck, The Dark Elves, and The Chitauri. Other possible ones might include Adam Warlock, Beta-Ra Bill, and many others. The Collector also provided a great detail of exposition for the audience as to what the Infinity Stones are, their origin, and what they are capable of.

Which is why it was such a bummer when it was announced that Benicio Del Toro was not going to be able to return for the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 because of his busy schedule. Del Toro is rumored to be one of the main antagonists Star Wars Episode VIII and has been busy filming over in London and unable to participate in the Guardians sequel. With Episode VIII done filming, Del Toro might have to free time to be in Volume 2. According to The Daily Mail the actor has been spotted on set sporting his white wig for some scenes in Los Angeles.

There has been some dispute as to if The Collector will appear in the film based on reports back and forth if he will be in the film. The picture does not lie, though. That looks eerily like him.

It’s enough to make a “real” Baby Groot happy!

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