Fans might not have to wait as long as they initially thought for the return of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) to Netflix. Bernthal was fantastic as the Punisher in season two of Netflix’s Daredevil. That performance directly led to a spinoff series about the troubled vigilante, but no one expected that new series to get done by 2017. Now thanks to a Reddit posting there is a chance that the Punisher series might make it to Netflix sometime in 2017.

This image of the Netflix mobile app was posted to Reddit recently showing a 2017 release and a short synopsis. While is doesn’t show this on the US or Canadian Netflix, the user could be in another country. Most of the Netflix leaks like this have come from other countries.


We’ll take this with a grain of salt for now, but it could be possible for a shorter season of Punisher, say 6 episodes to  get produced in time to make that deadline in late 2017. Let’s hope that if this is true, that the production isn’t rushed. Fans would rather wait in this case for the Marvel team to get it right.

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