It would come as no surprise if it’s announced that the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange were rated PG-13. All the Marvel movies, with few and notable exceptions, have been solidly in the PG-13 strike zone. In fact, it would be more shocking if it was to revealed if a Marvel movie, especially a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, would to be rated R; these are box office behemoths and Marvel’s parent company Disney wants a solid return on investment. So when Scott Derrickson shared over the weekend that Doctor Strange will be rated PG-13, it wasn’t that surprising, what was surprising though were the supposed reasons.

In a tweet on Saturday, Derrickson said that Strange would be was rated PG-13 for “kaleidoscopic galactic intensity and other dimensional psychotropic violence.” He was joking of course. After all, it would be weird to make an official announcement in upside down writing…


The Motion Picture Association of America is usually quite specific about the reasons for giving a film the rating it gets, but it’s doubtful that they’d be that specific. It would also be unlikely that the MPAA would issue its final rating for the film roughly three months before its release date, that’s typically one of the last things to fall into place prior to a film been shown to the masses in theaters everywhere. Still, good joke on the part of Derrickson, but as Kirby Dick will tell you, the MPAA doesn’t need any help being a joke.

Doctor Strange will be in theaters everywhere on November 4.

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