20th Century Fox is at it again, joining forces with Hasbro to reboot what started as a classic board game, turned into movie with three endings, and eventually made its way onto Broadway as a musical comes full circle with Clue The Reboot.

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The film rights had been held by Universal, but back in 2011 they pulled the plug on their own Clue reboot and eventually ran out the six-year deal Universal had with Hasbro. FOX picked up the rights and plans are moving forward to reboot the movie. It almost makes one wonder if Hollywood is targeting Tim Curry films for reboots.

Josh Feldman from Hasbro Studios and Ryan Jones are producing with Darla Cercek from FOX. No word on a director, script writer, or possible cast of course. It’s way too early for that now, but as soon as those issues are addressed by FOX, we’ll let you know.

The board game Clue has been a very successful on for Hasbro who bought out Parker Brothers and Waddington. Clue has stayed in print since the original version hit stores in 1949 after the war. The original design was created back in 1944 by Anthony Pratt, who designed the game to play in bomb shelters as a way of passing that stress filled time and getting people’s minds off the ever-present dangers of the German Blitz.

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