Our story yesterday about Twentieth Century Fox and the filmmaking team behind Deadpool 2 coming to loggerheads about the casting of Cable might be causing some cause for concern. Deadpool was the perfect storm when it was released this past February: Fox was looking to diversify the X-Men universe, fans were pushing for it following the leak of the test footage, and the original creative was ready and willing to make it happen immediately. The case of Deadpool 2 might be a bit more complicated though. Fox knows now there’s lots of money in Deadpool, and they will do anything, even unintentionally screw it all up, to make more. But Deadpool’s creator says trust the process.

While talking to Nerdy Pop, Rob Liefeld urged calm, and told fans to trust the team. “I would just say, everybody calm down,” he said. “My whole thing, I would have #TrustInTim, trust in Tim Miller the fantastic director, and trust in Ryan [Reynolds] our producer and genius performer, and Simon [Klingberg], and Rhett [Reese], and Paul [Wernick]. That’s what I would say.”

Liefeld also weighed in on the casting of Cable, the mutant cyborg from the future that’s long been expected to make his big screen debut in Deadpool 2. The news about Fox pushing for Liam Neeson to play Cable probably broke too late, for Liefeld’s comment here, but he did offer his thoughts about another Cable suspect, Kyle Chandler. “I don’t know Kyle Chandler. I don’t know him. I don’t know if he’s ever going to play Cable, but we would be so lucky to have an actor as talented as Kyle Chandler, who has been in Martin Scorsese movies,” he said. “Kyle Chandler is one of the best actors in Hollywood. People trip over themselves to work with him. If, by chance that rumor was true and the production was lucky enough to get somebody as talented as him, I would just trust in the people that gave you Deadpool to figure that out for the best.”

For your lips to Fox’s hears, Rob. Deadpool 2 is expected to be released sometime in 2018 or 2019.

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