With the announcement at San Diego Comic Con this year that Disneyland Anaheim will be transforming the Tower of Terror into a Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride, the rumor mill has started brewing again over possible Marvel additions at Disney theme parks, but this time at their Disney World Orlando parks. Meanwhile, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster gets a minor, but possibly long overdue update that might disappoint some guest. 

It seems that Disney has finally “discovered” what park goers have known for years about Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. For over a decade observant riders have snickered quietly during the pre-ride video as Steven Tyler throws a not entirely subtle shocker to the audience. To refresh memories or enlighten those who were unaware:


What was Tyler thinking when he did this? Was it his quiet way of bucking the family friendly atmosphere of Disney? Was it a shout out to his fans? Or was it just something he did so often he did it without thinking? The world may never know. Especially now that after 17 years Disney has quietly digitally removed the shocker sign to make it look like he’s just holding his hand up. There was no official comment from Disney about the move or why it took so long for them to do anything about it. All that is known is that long time ride goers will now look on at the digitally altered video with a wistful look as they realize that their children will not be able to experience such a small gesture of rebellion against Disney.


In other Disney ride news, it looks like there are more rumors about changes to some of Disney World Orlando’s rides but there are complications of course. There have been rumors going on for months that Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith would become a Marvel themed coaster and that Tower of Terror would share the fate of it’s Anaheim counterpart which is set to receive a Guardians of the Galaxy remodel

Recent updates to both rides (not counting the removal of Tyler’s shocker) including a new interactive display for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and a bar/lounge for Tower of Terror have almost put those rumors to bed. However, new rumors have emerged regarding the possibility of the long time Epcot obligatory school field trip ride Ellen’s Energy Adventure, located in the very teacher lesson plan friendly Future World’s Universe of Energy Pavilion, could be the sacrifice made for a Marvel themed ride. Such a change would be a break from the education centered area of Epcot, but would be akin to the change of Maelstrom into a Frozen attraction. Some maintain that since Guardians is Science Fiction it could be justified as some kind of “future” attraction.

Whatever the justifications Disney could come up with for the ride, the possibility of any Marvel themed ride in Orlando is complicated by the excruciatingly complicated Marvel/Universal Studios contract. Any brave soul wanting to get more information on some those terms should check this out. Anyone that has visited Universal Islands of Adventure knows that there is an entire section of that theme park devoted to Marvel. Really observant theme park adventurers may also have noticed that while wandering the Disney location formally known as Downtown Disney there is a Marvel store called “Super Hero Headquarters”. Apparently, Disney is unable to have a store include the name Marvel in it even though it sells Marvel merchandise. It’s enough to give someone a migraine.


While it is still only a rumor it is not impossible for a Marvel themed ride to materialize at Epcot, though most believe that it would require some sort of agreement between Disney and Universal. Most fans seem to want any kind of new Marvel ride, regardless of which theme park it calls home.

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