Over 40,000 people gathered to celebrate the end of the Olympic Summer Games, in Rio, as athletes and fans came together. This extravagent affair is held at the end of every Olympics to thank that year’s host city and make way for the next in line. So, with Japan set to host the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, the country wanted to give an all-out homage of epic proportions. To do that, they needed a 1-UP from Mario. Check out the video below, while you still got the chance!

(if for some reason this video has been pulled down, check out the official OLYMPICS Video Here)

Accompanied by many other Japanese pop-culture icons, known around the world in both TV and Video Games, such as: Hello Kitty, and Pac- Man, just to name a few, leading  up to one very special appearance. Mario, made his CGI  debut at the closing ceremony of this year’s Summer Olympic games, showing the character taking a warp pipe from Japan to Brazil.  As the video presentation came to a close, a giant green pipe was center stage in Rio as Mario traveled thousands of miles to bring a what appears to be a dodgeball to the arena. And when, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe popped out of the iconic pipe, stripping away a Mario costume and holding the dodgeball in Mario’s stead, the crowd went wild.

Reports early on had suggested,that with the current pop-culture frenzy, that Pokemon would be the ambassadors at the closing ceremony. It is most fitting to have Mario, a beloved cultural icon who even had his own Olympic Games via video game, welcome the Olympics to Tokyo. And, to top it all off, a massive fireworks display accompanied Japan’s showcase at the ceremony. The barrage of fireworks were lit around the arena’s open roof as the plays Super Mario Bros. Level completion music blasted in time with the pyrotechnics, creating a stunning display of colors and geeky nostalgia.

The games are just beginning, as preparations and layouts are being released for what to expect at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The possibility of other pop-culture icons to appear in the opening ceremony at 2020 is a big possibility, if given this closing ceremony homage as any indication. Not just that but this Olympics as already being boasted as the must watch event as many plans are being released that much of the tech advancements hailing from there just when it comes to robotics alone, will be at the forefront. If you want to look back at a 1950’s idea of what “the world-of-tomorrow” will look like, Japan is definitely taking a page from that idea and running with it hard.  Are you guys looking forward to the Tokyo Olympic Games? Sound off in the comments below.


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