Shooting on Thor: Ragnarok continues Down Under, and by that we mean Australia obviously. Production on the film has been proceeding for over a month now, but much of that seemed to be in studio; shooting out and about on the streets among the public is usually where the leaks happen. But taking social media promotion to the next level, the crew of Thor is leaking stuff themselves from the streets of Brisbane, which is presently subbing for the streets of New York City. And that’s where we catch up with Thor as he wanders the streets looking for a… very specific address.

“So Thor’s back in New York?” You’re thinking. Wasn’t Thor: Ragnarok supposed to be a “cosmic road trip”? Well, the road trip apparently makes a pit stop on Earth as revealed in this particular spoiler from Thor director Taika Waititi.

So despite the presence of yellow cabs this doesn’t exactly look like New York City, so how do we know that this is supposed to be set in the Big Apple? Let’s check in with Thor and his adapted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) from their new part-time job.

The newspapers at the newsstand are Big Apple News, Lady Liberty News, and Sleepless City News, all well known, major New York publications. But what happens next is truly interesting. In a bunch of photos posted by Thor’s Connect Four partner Daley Pearson, the one in the upper right-hand corner has something interesting, an Easter egg if you will. Thor, it seems, is looking for 177A Bleecker Street, the address for one Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme.

So will Thor find Doctor Strange? Will he run out of change at the newsstand before the end of the day? Will he lose his umbrella and have to get wet out in the rain? I guess we’ll find out on November 3. 2017.

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