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Ultimate Spider-Man, a cartoon series on Disney XD starring our favorite web-slinger, is gearing up to the finale of season four and looks to continue the Spider-Verse plot point that had been a part of the third season. The original Spider-Verse arc in the show was a four episode, multi-dimensional adventure that saw Spider-Man travelling to different versions of his universe, all with their own Spider-Man, and teaming up with them. Some fan favorites he met along the way included Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Girl. This time around, another female wall-crawler is joining the fray who made her initial appearance in the original comic version of the story-line.Spider-Gwen was a big hit when she first hit shelves in Edge of Spider-Verse back in 2014; the series was a prelude to the Spider-Verse event which, like it’s later cartoon counterpart, has Spider-Men from all sorts of universes and timelines teaming up for a greater purpose. Spider-Gwen was the result of a universe where fan beloved Gwen Stacy gained spider-powers, and Peter Parker instead because the Lizard (normally Dr. Curt Connors). The character and her world were successful, as her solo series took off and has continued since February of 2015.

Now Spider-Gwen will make her first TV appearance on the animated affair, teaming up with Petey and other newcomers like Blood Spider, Wolf Spider, Webslinger, and Spider-Pirate (yes, really). According to the trailer synopsis on the official Youtube video,

“Spider goes on another dimension-hopping adventure with Miles Morales in tow, and this time around the stakes are even bigger than before!”

It’s worth noting that Wolf Spider will be voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Spider-Man in the 90s cartoon. Talk about your a grade-A nostalgia blast! The entire Spider-Fan love affair will kick off starting this Saturday, the 27th, on Disney XD; it will continue on September 3 and 10th, and wrap up the season on  September 17th.

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