Julian Checkley took his Batman Cosplay based on the Batman: Arkham Origins video game to another level, adding gadget after gadget until breaking the Guinness World Record for Functional Gadgets on a Cosplay Suit. Yes, apparently that is a Guinness record, but then again, there’s always been some out-there records including the Guinness World record for holding the most Guinness World Records (Ashrita Furman 120 records). This is a fantastic Batman Suit with 23 fully functional gadgets. Let’s take a look.batsrecord1

Checkley had this to say about the suit:

There were many long hours trying devising the gadgets and finding ways to store them on the suit. They are classic gadgets but also some are specific to Batman: Arkham Origins. I am immensely proud of my Guinness World Records title and to be part of the Gamer’s Edition is just the next level.

Stephen Daultrey, editor of the Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition, had this to say about the record:

This incredible cosplay suit is a great example of the eclectic records that appear in this year’s Gamer’s Edition 2017. The detail and imagination behind the gadgets take the meaning of cosplay to a whole new level.

Here’s a video featuring a good look at the suit and how Checkley came to create it.

Here the breakdown on all 23 gadgets:

1. Fireball Shooter
2. Gauntlet Video Screens x 2
3. Bat Tracking Beacon
4. Bat Sign Projector
5. Folding Batarang
6. Grapnel Gun
7. Cowl Respirator
8. Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun
9. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device.
10. Bat Shuriken x 4 11. UV Lamp
12. Ball Bearing Grenades x 2
13. Gauntlet Flashlight 14. Medi-kit.
15. Battery Pack.
16. Laser Designator.
17. Bat-cam.
18. Strobe Stun Gun.
19. Gas Dispenser
20. Smoke Bombs x 2
21. The Bat Flask.
22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone.
23. Two-way Radio.

Here’s a closer look at some of the favorites:

Batman main image infographic_tcm25-440988

Batman Infographic panels new_tcm25-440989

Batman Infographic panels new2_tcm25-440990

Batman Infographic panels new3_tcm25-440991

Batman Infographic panels new4_tcm25-440992

Batman Infographic panels new5_tcm25-440993

Batman Infographic panels new6_tcm25-440994

Via: Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

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