Everyone’s favorite ragin’ Cajun can’t seem to catch a break. While the ‘Gambit’ movie has the potential to entice fans, production took a big hit when the film’s director, Doug Liman stepped down. By all appearances, the break seems to be mutual, however the movie has already had a troubled start. This marks the second director that has left the project. This comes after a filming schedule has already been decided upon.

Fear not, for Channing Tatum is still reported to be on board with portraying Gambit on the big screen. Also, Josh Zetumer from the 2014 version of Robocop is still pegged to write the script. However, this is the second time the embattled movie has lost it’s director. Rupert Wyatt was the first director to jump ship when he left production in September of 2015. Other delays have plagued the film, but the loss of the director may spell doom for Mr. Remy LeBeau.

Fox Studios had previous troubles with another super hero movie director with controversy surrounding Josh Trank and his claims that the studio heavily interfered with the critically panned Fantastic Four reboot.

Gambit is arguably a fan-favorite as far as X-Men characters go. Getting his start as a member of the Thieve’s Guild, Remy has the power to charge any object with explosive energy. His weapons of choice are a staff he uses for melee combat and a deck of cards that he charges and throws to great effectiveness. Although known as a ladies’ man, Gambit has had ups and downs with his primary romantic interest, Rogue. However, this movie can’t even find a director, so don’t hold your breath on Anna Paquin making an appearance.

No one has any idea when this movie is coming out and with this recent development, there is no guarantee that it will get made at all. Which is a shame, because until another Gambit movie is made, the only big screen credit Gambit has is from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



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