We should have seen in this coming. The success of Deadpool earlier this year at the box office, has emboldened Rob Liefeld, who co-created Merc with the Mouth, to dig back into menagerie and see what else he can make a profit on. After all, everything else he’s ever done must be genius too, right? That assertion will be put to the test next year when Liefeld and Image Comics relaunch Youngblood, which was one of the founding books and a million seller for Image back in 1992. But this isn’t the same Youngblood from the 90s though, this is an all-new Youngblood that looks laid back and chill for the 20-teens.

Liefeld revealed the re-launch and accompanying preview art recently on Nerdy Pop. Liefeld, it seems, will be taking on more of an overseer role with this new Youngblood, and he has recruited Chad Bowers, who’s appropriately enough the writer of X-Men ’92, to pen the scripts while Jim Towe, who Liefeld found on Twitter, will be handling the art chores. “When people say ‘dream assignment,’ you hire them because you’re going to get their best efforts,” Liefeld said of Towe.

Towe’s art work seems to be quite the departure for Youngblood, but not entirely out of place on Michael Allred’s X-Force, another book that Liefeld launched in the 90s and has since been re-invented. Let’s take a look at some of Towe’s re-imagined Youngblood.





In case you’ve forgotten, Youngblood follows a group of superheroes recruited and funded by the U.S. government who not only have to deal with super-villains, but also the trappings of celebrity; Liefeld created the team based on some discarded ideas he had for Teen Titans.

There’s no exact release date for Youngblood yet because Liefeld said he wants to get three full issues in the can before he rolls out solicitations, which is a wise move considering that constant lateness is one of the things that killed Youngblood’s – and other Image books’ – momentum in the 90s. We’ll keep you posted obviously when more news about the new ‘Blood becomes available.


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