Well, that came out of left field. Unless Ben Affleck got hacked, he just posted a video to his official twitter that will have fan boys and girls gleefully geeking out across the Internet. What could cause such an uproar? Hopefully this isn’t a hack or prank because Affleck just posted a video of Deathstroke, one of the coolest villains in the DC multi-verse. Check out the tweet and video below.deathstroke

Justice League is the only thing currently shooting, so the best guess is that this comes from that. Check it out.

We’ve not heard any casting rumors about Deathstroke so it could be anyone in that suit or just a stand in considering the entire face is covered and Affleck’s video is curiously without sound. Wait… could that be Matt Damon in that suit, how incredible would that be? Damon’s got the movie fighting skills to pull it off.

Deathstroke would be a fantastic villain for Batman to face off against in Affleck’s DC comic book movie directorial debut. This could be a suit test or something for that. What do you think? Is it real or is Affleck just yanking our legs?

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