It’s been a long and rocky road for the HBO series Westworld, but it will soon be on our TV screens, ready to entice us to a wonderful and vividly realized fantasy land where danger lurks around every corner and nothing is as it seems. There’s a lot of pressure on this show as HBO needs a hit; none of its new shows have made much of an impact as of late, and Game of Thrones only has two truncated seasons left to it. So with absolutely no pressure at all, Westworld better impress us immediately, right? Well, not to worry because given the pedigree, and this new trailer below, it seems that Westworld may be the closest thing to a guaranteed hit for the new TV season.

Where as the previous trailers have given us a feeling of what Westworld will be like thematically and visually, this new trailer gives us an idea of what the overarching plot of the show will be. Like in the Michael Crichton movie of the same name, Westworld will be about the how the robot citizens of an Old West theme park run amok and threaten the human patrons and their creators. The difference here though is that the show’s creators are phrasing it more like a slave uprising, and less like a monster movie with robots. As revealed by the trailer below, Ed Harris‘ Man in Black and Evan Rachel Wood‘s Delores seem to be the ones that set off a series of events in order to break the chains of their creator, Robert Ford played by Anthony Hopkins.

So shall we roll the proverbial videotape?

Westworld co-stars Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, James Marsden, Jimmi Simpson, Thandie Newton, and a cast of thousands. Described as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin,” Westworld was co-created by Jonathan Nolan, who just came off five years of highly topical and oddly prescient technology-based sci-fi in CBS’ Person of Interest. Despite the behind the scenes hiccups and creative conflicts, it would be very hard to believe if this series doesn’t manage to impress on several levels; certainly this may be on of the most impressive casts ever put together, and the visuals are amazing. So will Westworld deliver? We’ll find out in another month or so…

Westworld premieres October 2 on HBO.

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