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Not only may Squirrel Girl be coming to your TV set, but a cast of younger Marvel superheroes may also be making their way to the small screen in the future. It seems that Marvel and ABC Studios have been working on a New Warriors series in the form of a half-hour comedy. In addition to Squirrel Girl, the series would also feature the likes of Scarlet Spider, Nova, Speedball, Hummingbird, and Justice.

Details surrounding the development of the series have been few, but the project is being described as “the junior version of the Avengers.” So, while the age of the average superhero in the current MCU is about 20+, these superheroes would still be in their teens.

This should come to no one’s surprise since the internet has been all a buzz recently regarding the character Squirrel Girl. One big internet craze revolves around getting Anna Kendrick involved ever since she tweeted out that she would want to play the half-girl, half-squirrel superhero. Now it’s the only thing people can talk about. And what the internet wants, the internet usually gets. So don’t be surprised to see Squirrel Girl (with Kendrick or not) sometime in the near future.

Also, since the show is still in development, there is no word on when or if the show will debut. For now, enjoy this image of what could be the future of television.

New Warriors
Source: Slashfilm

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