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Since the Flash made his first, lightening fast appearance in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the speedster has been a wonderfully mysterious point of discussion for fans around the world. Warner Bros‘ announcement of a new addition to the DC cinematic universe, due in 2018, while the CW television series The Flash is still going strong, has certainly piqued interests as people try to figure out what they could to do to make it feel fresh. Though a number of the big names involved in the project have already been announced – with Rick Famuyiwa directing, Ezra Miller donning the iconic golden lightening bolt and Kiersey Clemons portraying Iris – there’s still a lot we don’t know.

Where in the multiverse will this Flash be from? What will his relationship with Iris be like? How similar will the story be to the comics? To the TV show? To previous movies? How much of it will be completely original?

Perhaps, most excitingly, who will his adversaries be?

Throughout the decades, the Flash has stood up against over 100 individual villains and any one – or more – of them could be chosen to face off against him in this all new retelling of his story. It makes sense to assume that it’ll be one of the more iconic, better known villains, but that still doesn’t narrow it down to a particularly small number. It could still be any one of dozens.

Perhaps lending clarity, but perhaps just fuelling the rumours, Mashable film reporter Jeff Sneider took to Twitter to add to the conversation:

He’s not the only person suggesting the Rogues – and, specifically, the sibling duo of Golden Glider and Captain Cold – are going to the primary bad guys in the new movie, either. It makes sense that the two of them would be there if the Rogues are going to be involved. Captain Cold, after all, is the leader, and it would only be fair to keep his sister by his side. But there’s no guarantee it’ll just be the two of them out of the whole gang.

Captain Boomerang recently made an appearance in Suicide Squad, after being defeated and imprisoned by the Flash, so there’s the potential to see him come back to take on his old adversary.

For now, though, it remains a bit of a talking point as official sources are yet to offer definitive confirmation.

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