Oh look! Another article about Honest Trailers. Yes, we have indeed discussed the wit and genius of the YouTube series time and time again. From critical bombs to acclaimed masterpieces, no movie is safe from a good ole’ Screen Junkies roasting. They have lampooned so many Hollywood movies over the past few years, that why should we even bother doing another article about them? Because their recent video took aim at perhaps one of the most deserving targets of the year: Batman: The Killing Joke

“From the division of Warner Brothers that’s still making good superhero movies…comes the adaptation of the best Batman/Joker story of all time, which should have been amazing, but somehow ended up including this…”


“Wait…is he…with Batgirl? Oh man! That’s so wrong on so many different levels!”

Honest Trailers, we tip our hats to you. This is the much-needed slap in the face to every audience member who was hooting and hollering at the sight of Batgirl in her bra with absolutely no regards to the sheer character derailment of this scene. Suffice to say, Batman was always more of a mentor and a friend to Batgirl; he wasn’t her forbidden lover. Imagine if Wreck It Ralph had an implied sex scene involving Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. Pretty damn stupid, right?

The arguably sexist undertones of the Batgirl prologue pretty much makes up a good bulk of the trailer’s attention. They also mention the scene of Barbara being “roofied,” the fact that the prologue’s villain constantly flirts with her, and the fact that they gave her a generic gay best friend to talk about boys with (à la 90’s romantic comedy). Yet despite the attempts at making her character more than just a ploy to garner sympathy and discomfort, she still ends up paralyzed. Seems like when DC editor Len Wein told Alan Moore to “cripple the bitch,” he meant for it to stick. The basic consensus being made was that the writers’ attempts to flesh out Batgirl’s character after she was needlessly victimized in the source material turned a problematic plot element into a flat-out exploitation of Barbara Gordon.


Ah, we can already see the comments on this video: “No, you PC SJW SOBs; how dare you get mad that a woman gets some? What’s wrong with seeing a hot chick in her bra? Batgirl is a strong female character!” Hopefully Honest Trailers will take comments like these with an ocean of salt; the people typing them probably think Batgirl would date them in real life.

In addition, this trailer implies that Batman was written poorly too. There is an especially funny bit that involves comparing Batman’t dialogue in the first 40 minutes to Lego Batman; a character whose dialogue was actually meant to generate laughs.

Batman: “You haven’t been taken to the edge yet.” (♫Darkness!♫)  “The abyss…a place where you don’t care anymore. Where all hope dies.” (♫No Parents!♫)

As if Screen Junkies didn’t deal enough blows to this animated outing, they compare the low budget animation to a fan-made flash cartoon and even have the balls to say that the legendary Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil phoned in some of their lines. Criticizing Mark Hamil’s performance of the Joker on the internet takes guts.


Another major source of this parody is how the film tried very hard to justify its R-rating. A villain calls Batgirl a “bitch,” there are bloody head shots, and there’s even cocaine on screen. After the success of Deadpool, it’s absolutely reasonable to suggest that Warner Brothers intentionally went for an R-rating and used it as a selling point to give this DVD title a theatrical release. Bottom line: despite how much the internet asks for more R-rated superhero movies, the rating doesn’t matter a bit of the movie isn’t written well.

At the end of this video, the narrator states once and for all:

“So if you’ve always wanted a version of the classic Batman cartoon where Batgirl is paralyzed and humiliated, two of your favorite characters have random gratuitous sex. and an iconic graphic novel is ruined with a boring first half that adds nothing to the story…then we’ve got the direct-to-video movie for you. Also you desperately need to see a therapist.”

Oh, Screen Junkies, don’t be ridiculous…there aren’t enough therapists in the world for them number of people on the internet who actually wanted this.

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