Mark Hamill Shaves Jedi Beard, But Now What….?!?!?


So you wrap shooting on what may be the biggest film of your career – or at the very least, the biggest one in the last 30 years – so now what? Well, if you’re Star Wars’ Mark Hamill you go for a nice, clean shave! Principal photography on Star Wars Episode VIII has been complete for about a month now, which means it’s safe enough now for Hamill to get rid of that scraggly grey Jedi beard he was required by law to grow to play an elder-Jedi Luke Skywalker for the film. Naturally, he chose to film the whole thing for Twitter, but in that he may have revealed a spoiler for the next Star Wars saga adventure…

Did you read that? “At least till #EpisodeIX,” he said! So we have confirmation that Luke doesn’t get Han Solo’d in Episode VIII, an other victim of Kylo Ren’s journey of familicide across the galaxy. Or could Hamill be kidding? That’s always a possibility, but it would cut rather close for Episode VIII to follow the same beat from The Force Awakens, and we expect Rian Johnson to be a little bit more creative than that. As for his timeline, “Haven’t seen my chin since May ’15,” he didn’t have the beard that whole time, right? He was clean shaven on The Flash’s Christmas episode last December when he returned to play the Trickster, right?


Anyway, the more pressing question is what is Hamill going to do if they need reshoots? Presumably, the production’s already thought of that and a “beard break” for Hamill has likely been factored into the math. Likely, if reshoots are necessary, he will have plenty of time to get that beard back. In the meantime, if you’re in Toronto this weekend, you can enjoy the new, beardless Mark Hamill when he appears at Fan Expo Canada.

Star Wars Episode VIII will be in theatres everywhere next December.

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