New Trailer for ‘Max Steel’ is Unleashed

max steel

Remember Max Steel? We’ve mentioned it a few times here before; to sum it up, Max Steel is a teenage superhero created for a toy line in 1997. The toys were not unlike G.I. Joe. The product was eventually turned into a short lived animated show in the early 2000s on Kids WB, and then was rebooted in 2013 on Disney XD. The property’s relaunch has had some success here in the United States, but it has apparently boomed in Latin America. Perhaps seeing potential after Hasbro’s own successes at bringing the aforementioned G.I. Joe and Transformers to the big screen, a movie for Max Steel has been in production for some time now. Finally, we’ve officially gotten our first domestic trailer, which is markedly improved from the international trailer that was released not long ago.

The new trailer gives the gist of the film’s story, which was written by Christopher Yost (known for Thor: The Dark World). The film is an origin story, chronicling how teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) will discover the secrets of his late father’s work and his own super powered abilities. Teamed up with a floating robot named Steel (voiced by Josh Brener), who he can combine with to increase his powers ala Guyver-transformation, Max will find himself the only barrier between Earth and a full blown alien invasion. Fighting off the invading menace, Max will try and learn even further about his, and his father’s, mysterious past.

The film is directed by Stewart Hendler, known for his work on the TV series H+ and the Halo 4 TV mini-series. The film will also star Maria Bello as Max’s mother, Andy Garcia as Dr. Miles Edwards, Ana Villafañe as Sofia Martinez, and Mike Doyle as Max’s mysterious father Jim McGrath. The film finished principal production in 2014, and has been in post-production; it will be ready to release on October 14th in the United States.

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