In an act of cosmic coincidence, the Thursday night portion of Fan Expo Canada took place one night before the airing of the season finale of Killjoys. The Syfy space opera about bounty hunters in a grim and desolate solar system known as the Quad got a surprise today in that it was renewed, along with Friday night partner Dark Matter, for a third season. So with that in mind, fans gathered for a special advanced screening of Friday night’s finale, which followed up on last week’s highly consequential death of a major character. What would the reaction be? How would the crew cope? And what direction would the show do in now that it’s future is secure for another season?

“How to Kill Friends and Influence People” picks up shortly after the death of Pawter Simms; John wants to get revenge but Dutch and D’avin think it’s a bad idea for him to go off half-cocked. Besides, Khlyen is about to arrive with a proposal for the Killjoys, a suicide mission that just might secure peace in the Quad, at least for a little while. Everyone’s skeptical, but Dutch accepts on one condition: they do this mission Killjoys style! The result is an action-packed hour that sees our heroes on a dangerous mission to save the universe, and they might not all get out alive. Because those in attendance were sworn not to drop spoilers, all we’ll say is that there may or may not be more than one death, and while season two wraps up neatly, the door is left wide open for more terrible things to come.


After the screening, Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta, along with stars Aaron Ashmore (John), Sarah Power (Pawter), Thom Allison (Pree), Tamsen McDonough (Lucy), Morgan Kelly (Alvis), and Rob Stewart (Khlyen) took part in a brief Q&A. On Pawter’s sudden death at the end of episode nine, Power said that she was ready for the call when she got it from Lovretta. “I knew it was coming, I kept telling Aaron that I’m definitely going to die this season,” she said. Power added that she wasn’t sad, but was instead eager to see how Pawter’s last stand turned out. “I just wanted to read it and make sure it was a great tragic moment, and I couldn’t wait to see the fallout from episode 10.” 

As to why the Grim Reaper came for Pawter, Lovretta was blunt and ominous. “[The death] has to be somebody that was respected and Pawter was the heart and soul of Old Town,” she explained. “I didn’t want to set up a war where all we would get is a bunch of casualties that no will care about.” In other words, she’s setting the stakes high for what’s to come next.

On the subject of the future of the series, Lovretta expressed gratitude to the fans for making the series a now three-season success. “Thank you from the bottom of my soul and from our collective hearts,” she said while blowing kisses. “We have ideas for sessions three that will bow your minds!”

Killjoys’ season two finale airs Friday night, September 2, on Syfy and Space Channel.

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