It was sad news for a small, but very dedicated group of fans this past spring when ABC announced that it was cancelling Agent Carter. Peggy Carter may not have had super-powers, or was a particularly well-known character of the Marvel Universe prior to her appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, but Hayley Atwell won everyone over by playing the strong, smart and spunky heroine who won the heart of Captain America,while still being a proven and accomplished government agent. But if you thought that the season two finale of Agent Carter was going to be the end, Atwell herself says think again. 

“I’m not entirely convinced it is over to be honest, not that I have any secret or any more information, but because it’s got such an amazing following from the fans, and fondness from myself and the Marvel people I think it has every chance of appearing on a Netflix channel or somewhere else,” said Atwell at Fan Expo Canada today. “The writers towards the end of the second season had plans for what season three could be, and it was exciting. We love working together and we’d jump at the chance to work together again.”

So what would Atwell like to see if Agent Carter were to come back somewhere for a third season? “I wold definitely like to have seen Angie come back,” she said of Lyndsy Fonseca’s character who was a big part of season one. The topic of Peggy’s deceased brother Michael was also going to be visited, which suited Atwell since she was interested in further exploring Peggy’s personal life. “I really would like to have seen how she tackled home life,” she added. “The fact with Peggy is that she’s so definied by her work that there’s got to be some cost to that at home. Who is she when there are no bad guys to fight.”

For now though, Atwell has a new series coming to ABC this fall called Conviction. The legal drama sees Atwell in the more conventional role of an attorney at the New York D.A.’s office that specializes in making sure the wrongly convicted are vindicated. “It’s very different,” said Atwell of her new character Hayes Morrison. “She’s a former First Daughter and an American, and it takes place now so I get to wear jeans, which is amazing. [Hayes] doesn’t really have a filter so she says everything that comes in her mind and I kind of like that. I’d hate to be a room with her, but she’s so fun.”


“Hayes is regourously honest to a fault, but that’s also admirable in a way and I think that’s really cool,” Atwell explained. “She also has this thing, which you notice in the pilot, where she walks and throws her bag around and it’s like she’s not really paying attention, and in the last moment she turns around and says something that makes you realize that she was really paying attention. She’s very astute.”

For obvious reasons though people wanted to keep the conversation going about Agent Carter.  “That whole project taught me how to bring an element of fun onto the set and still get the work done,” she said of the experience. “I think the one thing I’m trying to learn at the moment is that you’re the only person that’s going to be with you all your life till the end, so you’ve got to be best friends with yourself and that’s such a wonderful thing about the work that I do because I get to inhabit different people and learn more about myself.”

Someone asked if Atwell had any ambitions to play a full blown superhero. “I think Meryl Streep’s a superhero, can I just have her life?” Atwell joked. “I think as amazing as superheroes are, what I appreciate about Peggy is that she doesn’t have any super powers so I can relate to her as a human being, and what powers she does have are attainable with those qualities of heroism that exist underneath capes and have nothing to do with flying.”



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