In a different world, this space would be filled up with tons of insight into John Barrowman‘s time on beloved fan series like Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Arrow, or his pending future as a utility villain across the DC Comics TV universe on the CW. On the other hand though, those that attended Barrowman’s Q&A at Fan Expo Canada today wouldn’t have traded his rollicking, R-rated music and comedy review for all the spoilers in the world. 

Barrowman entered the room to the musical of Hamilton, and was disappointed that the show’s notoriety hadn’t made its way to Toronto yet. “Where are the Mirvishes when you need them?” he said referring to the family that owns several theatres and venues in the city. He then encouraged everyone to follow his social media feeds because anything can happen on them, like a recent Facebook video that caught his husband Scott au natural in the couple’s hot tub. If that wasn’t raunchy enough, Barrowman would occasionally tease the sign language interpreter by getting her to sign various naughty words and sound effects; thanks to Barrowman, thousands of people now know how to sign farting sounds.

There were some insights into his acting work though. Barrowman described the first time he suited up as the Dark Archer on Arrow and it didn’t go exactly as planned. “The first time I came to shoot in Vancouver, and I’m talking about working and nothing else, I put the outfit on, and it was six layers, including the gimp mask and I had a panic attack as I’m claustrophobic,” he explained. Barrowman was able to work past that in order to get to the first fight scene, for which the production was under the gun. “It was rush, rush, rush and I’m kicking and kicking [Stephen Amell], and on the third kick I kicked him in the shins with steel toed Harley Davidson boots.”

Barrowman was asked about his Who days as Captain Jack Harkness, and why he hasn’t appeared on the series since “The End of Time” in 2010. “I’ve never been asked back,” Barrowman said to a sympathetic and disappointed audience. “I don’t want to sound petulant, but Captain Jack was nominated the second most popular companion. […] Captain Jack changed my life. I love the show, I’m a fan of the show, so it would be awesome.”

“I know there’s someone who’s in charge at the moment, and for some reason he’s the one that might be blocking some people’s return. He’s also stopping them from bringing back a revamp of a show called Torchwood.” That got boos from the crowd, which Barrowman relished. “I’m going to put up the biggest screaming tantrum fight I’ve ever done. I meet with producers in LA all the time that ask me how Torchwood can come back, and I say ‘Get rid of someone’s ego.'”

Not that Barrowman needs the work right now. Not only will he continue to to plague Green Arrow this coming TV season, his villainy will be spread to The FlashLegends of Tomorrow, and possibly Supergirl as well as part of the Legion of Doom. Given his predilection for breaking into song, a fan asked Barrowman if he might take part in the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover. “I don’t know if its fact yet. I have no idea,” he said. “If Supergirl does do a musical episode, of course I want to be involved. Musicals are a part of who I am, I had 16 or 17 years doing musical theatre before getting into TV, but I would love to get involved if they ask me.”

As for what other CW series he might like to appear on, Barrowman has a simple but obvious answer. “Supernatural, and I’ll tell you why: the three boys.”

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