We return for another installment of “Nerd Art Dump”; your weekly dose of fantastic fandom-based art that hits the web each week. We take the grueling task of sorting through the masses of prints and pics on the digital frontier to give you nothing but the best to fill your geeky needs. So join me on an adventure for your eyeballs!

ABOVE: Mondo commissioned artists Tom Whalen and Matt Ferguson to create a print paying tribute to Judge Dredd the badass law enforcer of 2000 2000 AD.


“Dolled Up” by JP Valderrama answers the question we all kind of wondered, even if it was just in passing which is, “Did Harley Quinn ‘woke up like this’ or is that haphazard makeup job on purpose?” Well here’s your answer.


“The Classics” (Pokemon Mural) by Long Island graffiti artist AndaluzTheArtist. In a world full of PokemonGO and the bragging rights of who caught or hatched what, sometimes you gotta take “Catching ‘Em All” into your own hands. This artist did just that! You can catch the viral video speed art below for your viewing pleasure.


“Versus/Hearts” by Dan Matutina Is a tribute to the most disfunctional relationship of all and that’s between a hero and their evil nemisis. Matutina states that in this piece, “Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other.”


“Stranger Waffles” &  “Stand By Barb” by ButcherBilly. This featured artist, made narrowing down a spotlight piece a definite challenge. So we focused in on his recent pieces centered around beloved Netflix Sci-Fi series “Stranger Things”. ButcherBilly is a ‘butcher’ of Pop-Culture, and his art is definitely one to brush up on if you haven’t already.


“The Legend of Zelda” by Italian Artist Van Orton. If you are feeling like this is blast to the ‘Tron’ past, well I’m with you there ’cause this aesthetic is a dead ringer.  Created as an Exclusive release for Exhibition: “Gaming in the Gallery” at the Hero Complex Gallery in LA, this piece fits the bill in calling to mind how a game is built and gives our eyes something other than GREEN. Think about it…how much green do you see in Zelda Art.


“Thundercats Assemble” by Caiocacau I can’t help but let out a little, well it was actually rather loud (don’t judge me), “Shhnarrrf!” The mix of realism and movement in this piece jumps off the page.


“Vegeta Super Saiyan God” by Magion02


“Richonne” by AsieyBarbie…..soooo I’m just gonna leave this beauty here….and RUN AWAY! (evil laugh all the way home :P)

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