The last season of The Walking Dead introduced a character that made the show’s Governor look like Mary Poppins. For a show with multiple mid season cliffhangers, the AMC zombie apocalypse drama never really indulged itself with climactic end of season mysteries…….that was until Season 6 went and left fans screaming at their televisions in disbelief.

The shows creators were careful to build up to the appearance of TWD’s mega villain – Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) by building up a sense of dread. The character himself was viewed as an unseen element, an evil presence in the seasons leading up to the moment that he prepares to kill one of the main characters. However many fans were left angry at the decision to end the season without the big reveal of which character actually dies.

Robert Kirkman recently addressed the fan-backlash :

I was very flattered by all of the response that we got. It shows that people are still invested. I think the negativity surrounding that was unfortunate but I think people have been watching the show for six years and they’re entitled to their opinion. I’m happy with how things went and I know that we’ve got a great season seven coming up so it’s going to be cool.

The shows comic book origins have been cast aside in the past to keep fans of the show guessing on vital plot points, and while Negan does kill a character in the books it’s worth noting that nothing is set in stone. The internet is already in a frenzy trying to work out which cast member will bite the dust.

So with summer dying and fall shambling toward us like a rotting corpse it’s time to look forward to ‘Walking Dead’ season 7. And what better way to do that than the latest teaser trailer :

As you can see Negan is “everywhere” and so is his baseball bat ‘Lucille’. The teaser gives us a glimpse of life under Negans terrifying rule. It also seems like the TWD universe is becoming more complex with the addition of new characters and challenges, as well as new settings for the survivors. It’s no longer just a living vs undead scenario.

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