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Superhero movies and television series, are Hollywoods biggest genre. At no less than 5 movies a year from now until 2020, and multiple shows on The CW and Netflix, superheroes are at their pop cultural peak. So popular, that even the average everyday person can probably name more members of the X-Men or The Justice League than they can former Presidents of the United States – which is either sad or impressive depending on your perspective. Superheroes have always had their place in comics and other mediums dating back to before the advent of the television. It’s only until the last 5 years that they’ve really boomed. Today’s world renowned reception of men and women running towards the danger on the big screen, can be thanked solely for what came before it. The history of comics and their tinsel town adaptations has had its highs and lows, with every entry into the genre playing its part in shaping the modern superhero trend we have today. There is not anyone piece of comic book antiquity to lay claim to inspiring it. However, 2 defining movies would arguably have to be Richard Donner’s Superman (1978) and Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). Both movies taking characters with a core and select fan base and bringing them to the masses. Each of these movies redefined the identity and mythos of these two characters, galvanizing them to irreversible proportions, and set forth future artists and writers to compose them with Shakespearean level richness.

All this has been said preface to a short 3:51 minute video below, which imagines what if Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Micheal Keaton’s Batman faced-off. Everything aforementioned was but a means of filling out what would have otherwise been a very short post (hey, least I’m honest), but to also take a moment to be nostalgic, and appreciate seeing versions of these characters once more. 

Stryder HD recut the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman with clips and audio from Donner’s Superman and Burton’s Batman, with Chris Reeve and Micheal Keaton respectively. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman also makes a surprise appearance. It also does something once believed to be impossible,  the score from Hans Zimmer manages to make Nuclear Man EPIC! Of course, on the flipside, Reeves Superman isn’t careless enough to have a fight in the middle of a city full of millions. And the Batman of the Burton movies is much calmer and thoughtful so he’d realize Superman really isn’t out to hurt anyone. Still, imagine if this trailer was shown circa 1990, people would have lost their minds.

Thew two movies helped introduce children to Batman and Superman and indoctrinated them into the superhero genre, and for that, these two versions of the characters will always be remembered fondly. This fan-cut trailer is also a reminder how much better every Batman and Superman movie was than what DC/Warner Bros is doing today, at least in terms of characterization and performances. Yes, even Nuclear Man from Superman IV The Quest for Peace was more thought out and interesting character than Doomsday from BvS. Though to be fair, Superman flying around the world really fast to reverse time in Richard Donner’s first Superman, is still as dumb as ever.



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