When Warner Bros made Man of Steel, it was supposed to be the beginning of a DC cinematic universe. Much like Marvel has been crushing it with their cinematic universe, DC was going to start making legit superhero films. Unfortunately, DC has been going through some growing pains in building their cinematic universe. While their films have been commercially successful, many disagree about the quality of the films. While some have disliked the story or editing, many agree that the films were just too “dark.” In Man of Steel, we had a 9/11-esque battle with massive collateral damage.  In Batman v Superman, Batman was a murder-prone.  While trying to differentiate themselves from the sunnier Marvel films, DC might have taken it a step too far. Needless to say, there’s a need for some course correction.

Part of that course correction was to get themselves a Kevin Feige. Feige is pretty much the showrunner of Marvel and helped steer their film universe, plan it out, hire the best people, and make it as successful as it can be. Warner Bros has always had themselves a Feige and they made the correct decision to bring him over from the comics world into the film world. With the promotion of Geoff Johns from DC Comics Chief Creative Officer to President of DC Entertainment. Johns has lived and breathed comics for quite some time writing for many characters. Johns is the best person suited for making the films more like the comics.

Johns recently talked about the criticism of Batman v Superman.

“Mistakenly in the past I think the studio has said, ‘Oh, DC films are gritty and dark and that’s what makes them different.’ That couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a hopeful and optimistic view of life. Even Batman has a glimmer of that in him. If he didn’t think he’d make tomorrow better, he’d stop.”

Going forward, DC films will have a more optimistic view. Johns also states that the upcoming Justice League will address the “murder Batman” we saw in Batman v Superman and how his character will have an evolution and become more hopeful than he was depicted in the previous film. Johns also says that Justice League will focus more on plot and characters, and no more “controversial flourishes,” like Bruce’s nightmare dreams.

Based on the Justice League trailer released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it looks like they are already lightening their tone already.

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