In 1993, a quirky comedy film about a TV weatherman getting stuck in an inexplicable time loop was released and almost immediately became an irrevocable part of popular culture in the west. In 2006, Groundhog Day was added to the United States National Film Registery, having been deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”. In 2016, it was offered yet another tribute when it premiered as a stage musical, with a book by Danny Rubin (who co-wrote the movie and wrote the story on which it was based) and music and lyrics by Tim Minchin, who also wrote the musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

After rave reviews from its initial run at the Old Vic Theatre in London, England, it has been officially confirmed that the musical will be making its way to New York’s Broadway in 2017.

Although not a lot of information about the upcoming production has been released, it is generally expected that Andy Karl will be reprising his role as Phil Connors, the role first portrayed by Bill Murray.

If the new show is going to be anything like the current version being performed in Britain’s iconic Old Vic, it’s definitely going to be worth getting hold of tickets as soon as possible. The show has been repeatedly applauded for almost every aspect of the experience.

It doesn’t try too hard to fill Murray’s shoes, with a good balance between the familiar story of the original movie and enough new material to ensure that the show remains exciting and unexpected from scene to scene. The stage itself has been designed so intricately that it makes the transition from moment to moment and day to identical day easy to follow, easy to lose yourself in the story.

If Karl does indeed travel to America with the show, you can expect a very strong lead. Karl has been offered acclaim for his flexibility as a performer, for his ability to sing, dance and act in equal measure.


For anyone who can’t wait for a sneak peek, but also doesn’t have the time, money or energy for fight for what few tickets remain of the British run, you can watch Tim Minchin himself performing song from the show online, live from London’s Southbank Centre.

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