If there one flaw in the Pokémon frachise that almost every life-long Pokénerd can agree on, it’s the lack of growth in the anime. First broadcast in 1997, the anime now has 940 episodes and 21 movies under its belt. For all the new people and Pokémon you meet along the way, it is getting a bit repetitive. Each season sees Ash Ketchum and his beloved Pikachu (and maybe one or two old friends, but maybe not) embark upon a new adventure in an unfamiliar region of the Pokémon world. He’ll get at least one, but probably all three, of the starters and build up a new team of five native Pokémon (plus Pikachu) with which to earn eight gym badges and take on that region’s Pokémon League Tournament.

He’ll be dogged by Team Rocket, have at least one friend of each gender by his side and will probably lose the Pokémon League. The formula has been the same for now nearly twenty years. Although the most recent season has been widely applauded as a vast improvement on the way the show was heading in recent years before, it’s still not appealing to older fans the way it used to.

When Pokémon Origins was released in 2013, it did everything the now grown-up and nostalgic fans wanted.

It started back at beginning, with Professor Oak offering new Pokémon trainers a Squirtle, a Charmander and a Bulbasaur. The miniseries, just four episodes long, followed the narrative of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games, telling the story of the hero Red and his rival Blue on their quest to catch ’em all and became Pokémon Masters.

It was darker, it was more mature and it just was generally better – that is, for an older audience than the 10-year-olds who make up Ash’s tarket audience.

But for the all the hype surrounding it, it remained just four episodes long.

Until now.

On 13th September, The Official Pokémon Channel on YouTube released a trailer for Pokémon Generations.

Once again starting over from the beginning, in the same smart style as Origins, it will revist the plot of each Pokémon game, drawing on the highlights of the story and revealing new aspects of the Pokémon world that have perhaps never been seen before.

The YouTube based show will be released in weekly installments, each 3 to 5 minutes long, until the end of year.

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