Last spring, Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith helmed an episode of TV’s The Flash for an adventure called “The Runaway Dinosaur.” For Smith, a comic book fan of such renown that he’s both written comics and owns a comic book store, it had to be a dream come true, especially since Smith had previously stated that he felt the idea of making a comic book movie rather daunting (budget-wise speaking). So with one successful Flash under his belt (Ha!) Smith is back for more, and is directing the fourth episode of Flash’s third season, but in promoting the production on Twitter, Smith may have let a spoiler slip.

The incriminating tweet:

Upon careful examination, as some guy that went all CSI on the above image discovered, you can see the title on the episode on top of the second page despite Smith’s best efforts to hide it with his Air Canada pen, and the title is “Killer Frost.” Of course, Killer Frost is the super-villain identity of Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) on Earth-2, but she was killed in the episode “Back to Normal” last year. Still, with the whole world rearranged after Flashpoint at the end of season two, might Barry have created a world where his good friend Caitlin is now a villain? Or maybe there are two Caitlins walking around because Zoom didn’t kill Killer Frost after all. That might be a bit of stretch, and if there are to be real consequences from Barry fiddling with the timeline than losing one his good friends to evil would definitely be a big one. And to add insult to injury, we have yet to hear what all happens to Caitlin in the new timeline…

The Flash is back on Tuesday October 4 at 8 pm on The CW.

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