On Monday, rumor had it that  Jared Leto would be reprising his role as the Clown Prince of Crime sooner rather than expected, which had many DC fans quite excited. Suicide Squad, which didn’t  feature a whole lot of Jared Leto’s version of The Joker, who has expressed extreme displeasure with the lackluster use of his character for all the time he put in. Those of us who liked his take on the character were looking forward to the possibility of him showing up in future films in the universe. Well, it seems that we now have a possible answer to our desires.

Zack Snyder’s, Justice League,  has been fraught with rumors  that one of the potential villains for the film would be Joker.  Justice League seemed like a perfect place for The Joker to show up again before another run in with Ben Affleck’s Batman elsewhere in a DC feature film. But when it was confirmed that Justice League would be shooting in Iceland, it led to speculation of Jared Leto appearing in the film.

As of now, those rumors are supposedly debunked, by film reporter Umberto Gonzalez, who took to his Twitter account to dash those hopes. Here is what he had to say.

It isn’t hardly a surprise, but DC fans would rather hold off on save another go-around with The Joker until Ben Affleck’s Batman solo movie arrives in theaters. That film would be the most logical for Jared Leto to reprise his role as The Joker. Joe Manganiello has already been confirmed to be playing Deathstroke the main villain for the film, but that leaves room for The Joker to show up somewhere. There has been a lot of buzz that the film would delve into Arkham Asylum and will feature many of Batman’s gallery of villains making cameos. If that is to be believed, it would make total sense for The Joker to be there. Maybe an uneasy Deathstroke and Joker team up could  allow for the right amount of time to dissect the character and his already-established violent history with Batman and give a touch more of his erratic nature.

Currently, Affleck’s Batman film potential story approach involves either the “Hush,” or “Under the Red Hood” story arcs which has traditionally involved Joker in a big way. Whether it’s resolving the issue of Jason Todd/Robin’s murder, or helping another mastermind villain royally screw Batman over, Jared Leto’s Joker has an active future in the DC Universe, but it is unsure whether Jared Leto will continue given how he was basically edited out of Suicide Squad and does not seem to be backing off of distancing himself from the character and the company. Sound off below on your thoughts for the future of Joker in the DC Universe? Would you like to see him in an upcoming film?


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