The cast of Pacific Rim: Maelstrom continues to assemble yet mysteriously without any members of the original film’s cast. Sure, you can say that the real stars were the giant kaiju and the equally giant robotic jaegers built to defend humanity, but in all the Pac Rim 2 news so far we’ve heard nothing about Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Max Martini or any of the other cast members that made the original the hit it was. So add this mystery into the mix: Cailee Spaeny has been cast in the sequel as the female lead. And then you say, “Who?”

“Who?” indeed. If you go on IMDb right now, you will see that Cailee Spaeny has exactly three credits, one of which is Maelstrom, and if you want to see Spaeny’s work, you will have to seek out the short crime thriller Counting to 1000. The part that Spaeny is playing in Pac Rim 2 is just equally mysterious, Variety, who announced the news, has no further information about the role she’s going to play.

What we do know is that Spaeny is joining a cast that already includes John Boyega and Scott Eastwood; Boyega will be playing the son of Idris Elba‘s character Stacker Pentecost, who met his maker in the climax of Pacific Rim. Steven S. DeKnight will be writing and directing the new movie, while the original film’s writer/director Guillermo del Toro will act as producer. Del Toro said back in July that “a lot of the cast from the first movie is coming back,” so there may be further casting announcements soon.

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom will reportedly begin shooting in Australia and China sometime later this fall with a February 23, 2018 release date. We’ll have more news as it becomes available.

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