Arguably one of the most shocking moments from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was the heartbreaking revelation that one of the galaxies most cherished romances, the star-crossed love between Han Solo and Leia Organa , had come to an end (off screen no less!) Ok, maybe not as shocking as Kylo Ren, the movie’s big black cloaked emo bad guy, being their son or his eventual patricide (we can openly talk about Han Solo being killed in the movie, right? The statute of limitations on it as a spoiler has to be up and besides, talking about it will help us all heal…)

Nearly a year after the film’s release fans are still left to wonder what ended the marriage between a smuggler and a princess general. Well, wonder no more! This weekend at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo, headlining guest Carrie Fisher revealed the root cause of the relationships demise to a packed house. When asked what lead to the termination of their marital alliance, Fisher gave this (most likely non-canon) explanation:

He smuggled way too much. And girls, I know you don’t want your husband smuggling, do you? Hanging out with the hairy guy too often. I think there are a lot of problems with that. He wouldn’t take me on that hyperspace thing enough… [that’s a] euphemism

Personally, I would have guessed it was all his ‘nerf herding’ – and I think you know what I mean by that.

Over the painfully too short hour that Carrie shared with fans she also added that if they were to recast Leia Organa for any of the planned anthology prequels her choice for the role would be Jennifer Lawrence or, preferably, Amy Schumer. As for an update on Episode VIII or IX? Well she hasn’t seen the script for VIII yet and if she did she couldn’t tell you about it anyway, (naturally VIII falls under that code of silence too,) but she does hope that Han comes back as a ghost.

Carrie Fisher’s next stop will be at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo next weekend (Sept 23-25,) and if you are anywhere near there you really have to see her, your cheeks will ache from the smiling and laughter as she entertains and you will see just how much Han messed up letting this amazing, charming, and beautiful woman be the one that got away.

Oh, and as for the lack of… um… hyperspace? She added that they have robots for that.

I will never look at BB-8 the same way again.

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