Could Jerome Still Be The Joker On ‘Gotham?’


One of the more memorable villains of Gotham was Jerome. He captured many of The Joker’s mannerisms and displayed psychosis very well on the show. The producers threw us a major curveball when they actually killed the character as he was made a sacrificial lamb for Theo Galavan’s rise to power. Jerome’s impact was made though as his psychosis seemed to infect people on many of its citizens. This led many people to believe that whoever the “real” Joker is, will be inspired by Jerome. However, with the release of the inmates from Indian Hill, we heard Jerome’s infectious laugh signifying that he is one of those who escaped and now at large.

With the theme of season three being “Mad City,” it makes sense for the maddest of them all to make a comeback on the show. We already know that actor Cameron Monaghan will be back for season three. With his character still alive, does that mean he might possibly end up being The Joker? Gotham producer Ken Woodruff had this to say about Jerome’s status.

“Jerome was always supposed to be the inspiration for The Joker. Maybe he’ll go through an evolution that’ll end up becoming the actual Joker that we all know. The whole idea was that he was supposed to be the inspiration for it.”

While The Joker’s true identity has not ever been said in the comic books, that doesn’t mean that will be the case on Gotham. Their previous twist was very good, but if they continue the evolution of Jerome will be interesting to watch.

Gotham season three premieres tonight September 19th on Fox at 8:00 PM EST.

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