We’ve all heard the stories of Pokemon Go players so oblivious to the world around them while playing the game, walking into traffic, heck some even playing while they are driving! Now there’s video of another Pokemon Go player, Twitch streamer Rickybot, in New York Central Park alone, in the dark, playing and streaming Pokemon Go. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything and you can see it on video because Rickybot was streaming at the time.Now don’t get us wrong here, no one wants anyone to get hurt or attacked like this, but at the same time one has to wonder what Rickybot was thinking being out so late alone, playing a game that seems to close one off from the world around them. He doesn’t notice the unknown attacker slowly stalking him and coming up from behind. Take a look for yourself.

He tweeted this after returning home from the hospital:

We’re glad he’s pretty much OK, but then he tweeted this:

Ouch, that’s gonna hurt. Rickybot is gonna be back out there soon enough, streaming more Pokemon Go, this attack won’t stop him, although the loss of his phone and camera equipment kinda sucks.

Well the attack might not stop him, but apparently Twitch can. It seems that Rickybot’s Twitch channel has been closed by Twitch for terms of service violations. Rickybot is taking a beating from every direction it seems.



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