Fans are still a little apprehensive about the Jumanji sequel starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and it’s hard not to blame them for those feelings. Would Johnson and Hart turn a much beloved movie into something that didn’t honor the original? Hart posted the first on set image to Instagram late last night. Take a look at Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black in Jumanji jungle costume.That is an impressive line up of Hollywood talent, but there’s one little corner of brain matter that wonders if there is too much “Over the top” comedic talent that will rub together wrong. Hart and Black are known for their comedic talent that usually borders on the manic on-screen. Too much of that would quickly get old. Let’s hope that Johnson and Gillan’s much lower key comedic talent will help balance the two over the top guys.

Here’s the picture:

Director Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher, Freaks and Geeks) is a solid choice to take on Jumanji. We’ll have to wait for the first trailer to really get a sense of the movie’s tone and style. The group does look good in their jungle attire, but the movie is sure to bring Jumaji into the real world as well.

One last thing, can someone explain to me what that Black halter brace thing Gillian is wearing is? Hopefully there is a holster hidden there somewhere because without that, what the heck it that for?

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