Apparently there has been a little Internet controversy going on about what Karen Gillan is wearing in the on set Jumanji picture that Kevin Hart posted a few days ago. While her co-stars Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and Jack Black are appropriately clothed for a jungle expedition, many had issues with Gillan’s more skin than clothing attire. Enough it seems to warrant a response from Gillan.Here’s the original tweet:

Johnson also mentioned the costumes in an Instagram post that hinted to a plot point on why they are wearing what they are wearing:

Johnson’s comments didn’t seem to quell the topic though and Gillan tweeted out this.

That could mean a couple of things. Perhaps she goes into the Jumanji world as a child and is all grown up in the jungle, or some other plot point specific to her character. Could her parents have hired Johnson and Hart to go into the game to find her?

We’ll find out soon enough, when the synopsis or trailer hits, until then, why is this really any kind of controversy?

Oh silly me… the Internet.

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