To quote the Book of Pythia, “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.”

In a world where films have endured countless remakes and reboots, so much television. This television season year we are already getting Lethal Weapon, MacGyver, Training Day, and The Exorcist reboots. And we still have reboots coming for The Lost Boys, Varsity Blues, The Departed, and Let The Right One In planned on coming to TV soon enough. With everyone’s nostalgia trapped in the past, it only a matter of time before all the greats get a polished update.

It’s been reported that there is a sequel to Magnum PI in the works for ABC Television. So far a pilot has been commissioned and will hit the airwaves. There’s no definite if the show will get picked up or not. In keeping with many reboots/sequels, this will basically be “Magnum PI… The Next Generation” as the show will follow Thomas Magnum’s daughter as she comes to Hawaii to continue her father’s legacy ad as a private investigator. The show is planned to have the same action and procedural format as the original. The new Magnum daughter will spend some of her time trying to find out who sabotaged her naval career.

For those old enough, Magnum PI was a big hit back in the day. The show made actor Tom Selleck a bona fide sex symbol during its tenure. The show was so popular that he passed up on being Han Solo in Star Wars as a result of his commitment to the show. If the show is picked up, Tom Selleck will probably have a guest star/recurring role on the new show. We still don’t know who will play the new Magnum PI. Let’s just hope we still get to see some cool Hawaiian shirts!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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