The cast and crew of Jumanji seem to be having a good time in the jungle, posting pictures and videos to social media. Dwayne Johnson is as ever, the social media darling, the guy just gets it. Jack Black isn’t one to take a back seat so he’s upped his game by simply eating lunch. Check out both videos below.kevinhartjumanji

Here’s what the Rock is cooking out in the mighty jungle, the quiet jungle where the lion sleeps tonight.

My character’s one of the greatest explorers in the world and I’m deep in the jungles of #Jumanji and discovering new land.. never mind @hhgarcia41 ruined the damn shot.😂 #OnLocation #Hawaii #Welcome2Jumanji

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Kevin Hart is going to get his two cents in when it comes to social media. He’s just like Johnson when it comes to interacting with fans. Hart decided to document how difficult Jack Black can be to deal with on set.

It’s pretty simple really, just let the man eat his lunch. Johnson also tweeted out this teaser.

If you’re wondering why Johnson is talking about Karen Gillan‘s costume, check out this link.

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