When season two of The Flash ended, Barry did the unthinkable and reset time. By preventing the killing of his mother by the Reverse Flash, he knew he would be changing fate. No longer will his father be accused of her murder and he will no longer be raised by Joe West. Everything is about to change. It’s already been confirmed that the third season of the show will be loosely adapting the “Flashpoint Paradox” storyline from the comic book. In the comic book, Barry resets time only to discover that he’s in an alternate timeline where he had no powers, there was no Justice League, and Bruce Wayne was killed as a child and Batman ended up as his father.  If the show follows the comic book, everything’s going to change.

CW just release a new extended trailer for the upcoming season of The Flash titled “Run Devil Run” that show even more about this alternate timeline. Take a look at the trailer.



We’ve previously seen in another trailer that some things have changed in this new timeline. Barry and Iris weren’t raised together, so he has to meet her for the first time (again). It looks like she and he are taken with each other, so perhaps they are destined to be together no matter the reality. The trailer also shows the rules of changing time. Barry will slowly loose his memories of the alternate timeline and will simply “forget” to be The Flash. Will it ultimately be worth it, or will he try to once again change time? Remember, there is one moment where Barry from another timeline tells him not to kill his mother. Perhaps the events of this season will give him second thoughts.

The Flash Season Three premieres October 4, 2016, on the CW.

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