The romantic relationship between Dr Harleen Quinzel and her once psychiatric patient, the Joker, is once of popular culture’s most compelling connections. One of the comic world’s best fleshed out exploration of Stockholm syndrome and domestic abuse, Harley Quinn is such a captivating character because you understand why she makes so many bad decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. You fall in love with her. But, as an outsider, you also see the pain in her relationship, in the way the Joker manipulates her, in the way he breaks her down from a strong and intelligent woman to a pet he can control.

Talk about a workplace romance gone wrong…

In a truly genius act of pop culture pairing, YouTube creator Nerdy Hero has made a video of Harley and Joker’s relationship out of footage from Suicide Squad and the ‘Purple Lambourghini’ music video in the style of Fifty Shades of Grey. Complete with Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’ as a backing track, it tells the story of Dr Quinzel as she falls under the Joker’s spell – much as the young and impressionable Ana is coaxed by the equally psychopathic billionaire Christian Grey to into giving up not just her virginity but practically every hard limit she has.

Suicide Squad has generally not received too much criticism for its portrayal of Harley and Joker’s relationship. Without letting the two of them dominate a film that is about a much larger group of people, the movie hints at the darker undertones of their relationship, instead of romanticising it the way many adaptations have before.

Maybe the solo Harley Quinn movie that Warner Bros has planned for Margot Robbie‘s incarnation of the doctor will go into the relationship in more detail. Perhaps it will even focus on the positive influence of Poison Ivy in her life.

Until then, Nerdy Hero’s cleverly put together short is the closest thing we have to a movie just for Suicide Squad‘s power couple.

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