We return for another installment of “Nerd Art Dump”; your weekly dose of fantastic fandom-based art that hits the web each week. We take the grueling task of sorting through the masses of prints and pics on the digital frontier to give you nothing but the best to fill your geeky needs. So join me on an adventure for your eyeballs!

ABOVE: MSTDP by Kat Haynes .If you thought Mystery Science theater was a hoot and a holler before,  then get a load of this mashup! Nothing says breaking the third, fourth and fifth wall of cinema like our lovable man in red, Deadpool. I think if this had been part of the crowd-funding options that whole project would’ve smashed records, but hey the idea can continue to exist in our dreams. 

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“Border Bang” collection by Jorge R. Gutierrez . The following are a selection of a few pieces from the expansive collection presented in LA that are described as Gutierrez’s “passionate love letter to the Tijuana and U.S. border, documenting the bootleg artifacts sold to locals and tourists alike.” This brightly colored-latin infused vision is definitely one to peruse at length.  Trust me I couldn’t put a bulk of the pieces here but they hit all genres of pop culture goodness.


“Star-Gazer” (above) & “Don’t Let The Sunshine Spoil Your Rain” (below)by Tim Shumate.  Shumate has an extensive range of artistic abilities and his pieces are some of the most whimsical and inspiring. You may know him from his tattooed pin-up Disney, Marvel, and DC women pieces. But his range is touching and bright when it comes to other inspired pieces like the Henson creatures above.
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“Burton Ale’s” by EvilbyZac

The only way to have fun is to taste a bit of madness.  The following collection is meant to show the different brews based on each Tim Burton film.



Juan Gimenez’s Issue #25 Cover Art for Marvel’s Darth Vader Comic


“Materia Girl” by NinjaInk I can’t help but belt out that Madonna jam as I see this Art Noveau piece of Aerith (Aeris) holding the Healing Materia in her hands.


“Gouzou’s Adventures in Donkey Kong” by Jace. This French street artist, created an absolutely gorgeous mural in Paris inspired by Donkey Kong featuring  his original character filling Mario’s shoes.


“Trinity” of Jessica Jones by Gard This beautiful realism piece is a soft but ominous trifecta of what shapes Jessica Jones in the highly acclaimed Netflix series.

Finally,  a little hush hush secret,  if you know of an artist who should be featured on our Nerd Art Dump, comment below. Their pieces could be featured on an upcoming article. Enjoy the art and don’t forget, “Keep Being Artsy!”

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