Long before the birth of the Boy Who Lived, long before the rise of the dark wizard You Know Who and his Death Eaters, the wizarding world was nonetheless as exciting and secretive a place as it is today. Hidden away from the muggles of Britain and the nomajes of America, wizards and witches the world over led exciting lives of exploration and discovery, spells and sorcery. With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just over the horizon – due in cinemas on November 18th – we are very soon to learn about the lives they led in a world many decades before Harry Potter.

In case those last few weeks are likely to prove too torturous for some hardcore Potterheads, a full trailer has now been released for us to get excited about. It gives a fuller account of the plot, a closer look at some of the characters and their relationships and a whole load of seriously cool monsters that haven’t been seen before, both living peacefully in their natural habitats and wrecking havoc in the areas of the world where the lines between wizards and muggles blur.

It has also now been announced via the Fantastic Beasts Facebook  page that, on October 13th, there will be an exclusive event held that will give fans an opportunity to ask Fantastic Beasts leading man Eddie Redmayne and his co-stars any questions you want in a live Q-and-A session that will be broadcast across cinemas and IMAX around the world. This gives you just over two weeks to think of all the thing you’d love to ask Newt Scamander and his cohorts about what it’s like to discover mythical beasts and to create the kind of magic that has inspired a generation.

There is also a new poster out, which offers a cool and smoky look at this all new wizarding world that is opening up.


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