Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD continued it’s fourth season with the second episode called “Meet the New Boss”.  The episode had a lot going on, yet everything was still somehow packed into an hour of television. Gabriel Luna continues to do an excellent job as Ghost Rider, who is the main sell for this season. The rest of the team kept digging into the mysteries of the ghost box and the audience was introduced to the new Director of SHIELD. Also, we were given some more information about that weird ghost woman. She now has a whole ghost squad.Early on in the episode, Coulson has a talk with May about how much he loves flying around in the Zephyr and going on missions. You see, the problem with that is whenever a character  is happy with a situation, the odds are that the thing that makes them happy will go away. That being said, most of the episode was spent waiting for the Zephyr to explode, which it didn’t.


Speaking of explosive, Daisy’s second encounter with Robbie Reyes (aka Ghost Rider) was another high point of the episode. Yet, it seems like the scene was almost a direct copy of the Daredevil/Punisher rooftop meeting from season 2 of Daredevil. Only it was less gritty and bloody than the Netflix show. This is one of the more concerning aspects of SHIELD. Despite having moved to a later time slot that allows for racier scenes, the show at times still feels fairly “vanilla” when compared to its Netflix counterparts. Granted, that is not exactly fair to compare SHIELD to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but it’s hard not to.

It was good to see Fitz and Simmons working together in the lab again but their interactions didn’t go far to convince the audience that they were a couple. At one point, it even seemed as if Fitz was rubbing it in Simmons face that he could go out on a mission while she stayed at the base. Simmons took it in stride and barely acknowledged the dig, but it was unsettling to see.

The big reveal of the episode came in the form of the new Director of SHIELD. What a tool! Played by Jason O’Mara, the Director, who Coulson refers to as “Jeffrey”, is a smooth talker and was most definitely a used car salesman in a previous life. The new Director also harbors a fairly substantial secret that is revealed later in the episode.

However, the most important thing that everyone needs to take away from this episode is that the axe/shotgun is one of the most underrated weapons in existence.

The ghost squad part of the episode raised more questions than it answered. However, it was good to see them trying to figure out why they were in the state that they were. The reference made to “the book” could also allude to an aspect of the upcoming movie Doctor Strange. Despite being ghosts, they were also able to move objects in the physical world fairly easily.

May also had some concerning scenes in this episode. Watching her demeanor change was a thrill, but her skills as a fighter raised the question of who would be able to stop her? The person who had the best shot at calming May down was Coulson, yet he let his feelings of friendship prevent him from getting her the help she needed. Coulson is a character who is extremely loyal to his friends. But when one of them needed his help, he froze up and said “Don’t hurt her.”

Overall, the show continued the move forward strongly by giving the audience more insight towards Ghost Rider and the mystery of the ghost box. SHIELD has another opportunity to link events from the show and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in exciting ways with Doctor Strange. Although arguably, it will be extraordinarily difficult to top what they did when Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theaters. The audience was also given a look at the new Director of SHIELD who has some secrets to share. It will be interesting to see if the new Director’s fast talking demeanor is fake or real.

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